Landscaping Rocks Wonga Park

Rock gardens or rock landscaping is one of the most fun and creative forms of gardens and landscaping. It is always unique and extremely dynamic in looks and features. Moving these huge rocks & boulders can be difficult, we at Earthshape Excavation have specialised equipment to get the job done easy and fast at affordable rates.

Rock selection is very important and knowing what shapes to select can be difficult, knowing they all have to fit into each other and compliment the over all feel and look your wanting.

For more information and the best advise and options, please call Andrew 0411 738 098, he is more than happy to help out and provide quotes for your project.

We also have Decorative gravel available for bulk delivery to homeowners & contractors. We are experienced and will do their best to accommodate your needs and budget requests.

For A Quote Please Call Andrew on 0411 738 098